How to be more productive?

How to be more productive?

Last week, I was searching for tips and tricks to improve my time spending, and Google suggested me a question: How to be more productive?

I felt curious about this suggestion, because I consider myself a very productive guy. I can’t perform multiple tasks at the same time (some people say they do), but I do them quickly, efficiently and sequentially. I was just searching for new ways to organize my time better, and maybe find more time on my day, which in other words means I was trying to be more productive than I am today.

Google was right. I was trying to be more productive, and I think nowadays everybody is searching for new ways to be more productive, or in other words, to have more time.

Time is the most valuable asset we have. We sell our time for money and once it passed, we can never have it back..

So, I created this 5 Steps to be more productive. It has helped me stay organized and be effective on my tasks, and maybe It can help you too:

1. Plan ahead:

The key is to know everything you have to do in advance.

Start planning your day, one or two days in advance. Then, try planning your next week in advance and grow as you feel more comfortable. For me, one week is the perfect amount. I can’t plan much more ahead because of the nature of my work. But people with more strict routines, can easily plan 4 weeks in advance.

2. The Pareto Principle:

Originally, the Pareto Principle referred to the observation that 80% of Italy’s wealth belonged to only 20% of the population. This observation created what we commonly call The 80/20 Rule.

Most things in life (effort, reward, output) are not distributed evenly — some contribute more than others.

This principle can be applied to almost everything and fits perfectly in our productivity analysis. From everything you have to do daily, weekly and monthly, only 20% of effort will produce 80% of the result. You have to find what is this 20% of the things you do that matters the most.

3. Focus on the blue chips:

As we mentioned before, not everything you do every day is the most important thing or drives more results. Prioritize your tasks. I would suggest two ways of doing it: importance or ability.

It doesn’t matter what you have to do. Prioritize your tasks.

Importance: start with the most important and urgent tasks. Then you move to the important, but not urgent tasks. And finally, you end doing the urgent but not important things (usually you can negotiate deadlines for this and you won’t have problems doing it later since they are not important).

Ability: start with the tasks you can perform easily and faster. This will make you feel more productive instantly. After you proceed to do the tasks you are less comfortable with or have difficulty doing.

4. Limit expands

If there is one thing I am sure is that limit expands. You can push yourself to the limit, get really close to the edge, and when you are almost there, you limit expands.

Challenge yourself to expand your limits, and don’t be afraid to try.

The tasks you once had difficulty performing are now easy. You expanded your limits and created a new layer of opportunity for you to grow.

5. Have fun

Time is relative and things seem to take much longer when you are not enjoying yourself. Try to have some fun while doing your activities. Get interested in the task, think positive things, listen to music, improve the ambiance to your liking — make it pleasing.

Simply have fun.