BREXIT: We finally have a date!

Changing our conversation to a more festive topic – at least to the UK – We finally have an official Date for the Brexit.

After months of secret negotiations, which I wrote about in my blog, this week, the EU Parliament announced the official dates and general rules that will apply to UK during the transition, I quote:

"The EU position is very clear: the transition will last for 21 months, until 31 December 2020. During this limited period of time, the whole EU acquis will continue to apply to the UK. This will include new EU rules entering into force during this period." said Michel Barnier

Unfortunately, I had the chance to look some of the transitional arrangements, and I have to say, it doesn’t seem like the deal UK was expecting:

  1. There will be no "cherry picking": The United Kingdom will continue to participate in the Customs Union and the Single Market. – That means, UK cannot start to trade, negotiate or do bilateral agreements with other countries while the transition is not completed.
  2. All existing Union regulatory instruments and structures will apply. – This is a good one, this means that UK will have to keep following the EU regulatory instruments, not only the present ones but also the ones that may come into force before the transition is completed. To use an analogy, this last part for me means a merciless attitude towards someone who is already on their knees. As I mention often, I am not in favor of the Brexit, not only because I think we are stronger when we, who have the same ideals, are together, but also, because of how the Brexit was conducted in the UK, in a shameful manipulation of the public opinion by the far-right movement - in special Mr. Nigel Farage.
  3. As of 30 March 2019, the UK will no longer be represented in Union institutions and bodies and finally, the transition period should not last beyond 31 December 2020.

Ok, you might be wondering now what my opinion about that is. The obvious conclusion is: For the UK, that is a terrible loss and a terrible deal.

Stay with me, they canceled UK's membership to the club, but, they cannot leave until the end of the contract and they still have to follow all the old and new coming legislation.

The way the EU is acting against the UK, especially France and Germany, acting as a cheated husband or wife, trying to milk every drop, in this ugly divorce, for me is disgusting. I don’t see anymore the world famous European honor (mutual respect and admiration) between the members and that saddens me.

But as I said, I also don’t think we should be easy on the UK, after all, they made a commitment with the other countries, and some of the medium and long-term projects that were already in progress or approved must be executed as planned. This is the other side of honor (the side of keeping your word).

The UK far right thinks that the EU is so horrible. But I have to remember them that, because of the EU, all Europeans live in one of the safest places on earth, with the highest living standards, the most just and accessible health care, universal free education for their citizens, good retirement plans, gender and race equality, peace among members and the highest quality of life in general.

But everything has a price, to have all these benefits, we had to give away a little bit of our wealth, gran part of our sovereignty and 100% of our individuality.

Fabio Fernandes