Launching "The F Word" Podcast

"Hi, I am Fabio and welcome to The F Word”.

This is what you'll hear every week from now on at the beginning of my brand new podcast, called "The F Word".

The show is about politics, culture, and society with insightful fresh content created and customized for my readers. It will be mainly me talking about the most important event of the week, but I will have occasional guests and friends to discuss the spiciest topics.

You will hear the true facts (not the fake news), my arguments, and hopefully decide for yourself what your opinion is. The F Word is the podcast you want to hear in the topics you try to avoid.

This will be a weekly show and every new episode will be released on Sundays, so you can listen to it during the week. You can now listen to this week episode called "Blue Terrorism".

And remember: You can join the conversation here on my website leaving a comment, or you can message me on Twitter @WordsbyFabio to be featured in one of the episodes.

Thank you for reading and from now on, also listening.