Italian Election: Why doesn't it fell like winning?

Well, it doesn't feel like winning because we didn't.

Technically the center-right "won" the elections, but it was certainly more celebrated by the left. Why? Because as I predicted last week the 5 Star Movement that was running alone, achieved more than 30% of the votes and dominated the states on the south. Big Victory for the center-right, but a greater victory to the neo-communists and populists.

The center-right won because we were able to secure the majority of votes with alliances and coalitions but, not a single party was able to achieve 40% of the seats and consequently, no government was formed. I mentioned this would happen in my post and podcast last week. New alliances will have to be forged in the political backstage in order to have a government capable of delivering the changes promised during the campaign.

The center-left, on the other hand, was the biggest loser. Not only lost in all states but also lost in their Headquarter Tuscany. A terrible and shameful loss for Matteo Renzi who was desperate to be back on the government.

Italy is entering a period of not knowing who the Prime Minister is, and as I predicted in my last post, the biggest problem of this election, is actually nobody winning and a clear divided country between north and south. It is already divided socially, economically and culturally, now Italy is also politically divided and nobody knows the path it is taking.