Kim Jong Un makes a surprise visit to Beijing

In past episodes of the Podcast, I mentioned how I thought North Korea had secret plans when scheduling a meeting with the President of the United States Donald Trump. The date for their meeting is still not set, but when President Donald Trump finally meets North Korea's Kim Jong Un, the specter of China will also be in the room, a potent signal to the American President that the young reclusive leader has support for his cause from the region's most formidable presence.
Even though South Korea admitted on Wednesday that it had not been involved in Kim's trip to Beijing, I am confident that it certainly opened the path. As I mentioned and predicted before, the United States is no longer the important or even relevant diplomatic articulator it was in the past. Now, the Chinese approach to diplomacy seems to be much more effective and dangerous as this surprise trip showed.
Definitely, the most important thing about this trip was the revelation of North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un plan. But what is this plan?

    The official announcement came from the Chinese President Xi Jinping, who said:
    The "situation on the Peninsula" refers to not only the tension over North Korea's nuclear program but the presence of US troops to the south and the outlying waters where US and South Korean militaries regularly conduct naval exercises.

    This was a direct message to the United States. To the US denuclearization is denuclearization of North Korea. But according to the Chinese president, to Kim Jong Un, denuclearization applies to the whole peninsula, which includes the South, in other words, when the regime talks denuclearization, they require the South Korea-US alliance to be ended, US troops removed from the peninsula and an end to extended deterrence and the nuclear umbrella. Once that condition is met, then the North will begin the process of denuclearization.
    We will have to wait and see the next chapters, but in my opinion,  there are two main obstacles to be overcome:

    1. For the United States for the first time surpass its arrogance and centric way of seeing the world and accepting some of North Korea’s demands. I am not even saying all demands.
    2. For North Korea, and especially Kim Jung Un, to give his word and honor his word, which from past experiences don’t seem likely to happen.