The Korea Summit is not happening. Or is it?


In the last couple of weeks, the only thing you heard was the much-anticipated summit scheduled to take place in June between the President of the United States Donald Trump and the North Korean Dictator Kin Jon Un. That's because the media was completely insane with the fact that Donald Trump could actually triumph in leadership and diplomacy in the international community.

For me, it was always a remote possibility as I repeatedly mentioned how skeptical I was about this meeting. I said when we first heard about the summit that it would most likely never take place because North Korea would demand very specific conditions to be met by the USA, that would weaken its position or put the international peace in jeopardy.

Fresh as the morning air, this week Donald Trump politely declined North Korea's invitation to meet in June, saying it won't attend the Summit. The news came as a surprise to the media, that was mostly happy for Donald Trump failure but also a little bit disappointed.  The reason why the meeting was canceled cannot be more obvious: North Korea demanded that the USA removed all tropes in South Korea and the Korean sea as a sign of goodwill in exchange North Korea would fulfill its promise of denuclearization.

Of course, the USA couldn't possibly agree with such request leaving no choice for the president Trump but to decline the invitation for the summit. Politically speaking, canceling the meeting is a very smart strategy for the USA in order to keep the status quo and the balance of power in its favor, but Trump did not predict what was about to happen.

The biggest surprise is that even Donald Trump canceling the trip to meet Kin Jong Un, North Korea continued its process of dismantling all Nuclear facilities. They invited a dozen of reporters from the international media (CNN included) and live-streamed the explosion of the testing tunnels and facilities. This doesn't mean that North Korea is now completely free of nuclear armament or somehow restrained of producing nuclear bombs, but it definitely shows some commitment to end the Nuclear treat in the peninsula.

Even more shocking to me was South Korea's reaction to the United States response. A couple of days after Donald Trump's letter, South Korea announced that they are in contact with North Korea to keep the Korean Summit even without the USA, in a peace effort between the two countries. Once again this shows how the United States is only becoming more irrelevant in international affairs every day. We are living a collapse of the western diplomacy and a new era is coming with the Chinese approach to diplomacy.

Last is important to say the president of South Korea Moon Jae-in is clearly desperate for a Nobel Peace Prize. This move to continue with the meeting in the USA back is very irresponsible and amateur. He is playing a dangerous game with an unstable young dictator and the outcome could mean the death of thousands of people. Seeking peace is surely the most important thing to do, but there is a balance of power in the international community, one that is very sensitive to every little change. 

You can see the full letter of President Trump below: