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The Law of Liberalism

he Law has only one reason to exist and that is to regulate our social relations and to establish order. It is an institution created by men purely for the protection of liberty. Today we are used to have our liberty and freedom regulated and diminished by the use of legislative power and new laws, but in the beginning, most of the laws were common sense of day-to-day relations and came to exist by what we call Spontaneous Order.

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Literature on Liberalism

Liberalism has been presented as being identical to conservatism, yet more reactionary, like a mask for exploitation. Furthermore, there has been a lot of confusion as to what liberalism truly is. To help you navigate thru the values I believe are the base for more freedom, wealth and happiness in our society, I compiled this list with the classic literature that created the classic Liberalism.

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Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire

This week, one of the most iconic buildings in Paris has burned and many people, including myself felt heartbroken by the 15 hours fire that destroyed 2/3 of the Cathedral’s roof. The grief over the burning is completely human, but why do we fell like this incident happened in our own home, a deep sense of empathy, even from people that have never visited the Cathedral nor are religious?

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