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It's time to talk about Christian persecution

Last week, during the holy holiday of Easter, the most important in the western tradition, 253 Christians (including children) were killed in a targeted series of coordinated terrorist suicide bombings in Sri Lanka. This barbaric act, like all other terrorist attacks, made me think about religious persecution and the silent harassment Christians suffer around the world and how little this topic is discussed publicly and by the media.

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Angela Merkel will step down as head of her party

This week started with very good news when Angela Merkel said: "The time has come to open a new chapter" confirming reports that she would not run again as party leader. She will remain Germany’s chancellor for now but said this will be her last term. She’s expected to step down as chancellor by the end of her term in 2021.

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The Media wants a new Cold War

We talked in my last podcast about superpowers that recently played major roles in the international political relations. Russia, who exercised its right to retaliate against also the rightful expel of Russian Diplomats from the UK, and the Nuclear crisis in the Korea Peninsula that for years created instability and now miraculously, China is playing a strong but dangerous part in the denuclearization of North Korea.

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Kim Jong Un makes a surprise visit to Beijing

In past episodes of the Podcast, I mentioned how I thought North Korea had secret plans when scheduling a meeting with the President of the United States Donald Trump. The date for their meeting is still not set, but when President Donald Trump finally meets North Korea's Kim Jong Un, the specter of China will also be in the room.

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North and South Korea's meeting was brilliant

South Korea goes North and Kim Jong Un wants to meet with Trump. 

When I started writing this article at the beginning of this week, I was excited about maybe one of the most important historical events in the past decade: the first meeting between North Korea supreme leader (Dictator) Kim Jong Un and South Korean officials.

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Italian Election: Why doesn't it fell like winning?

Well, it doesn't fell like winning because we didn't.

Technically the center-right "won" the elections, but it was certainly more celebrated by the left. Why? Because as I predicted last week the 5 Star Movement that was running alone, achieved more than 30% of the votes and dominated the states on the south. Big Victory for the center-right, but a greater victory to the neo-communists and populists.

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